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Is one dive course or dive trip the same like the other? While for a standardized product this might be the case and you therefore might shop around for the cheapest price, this is certainly not true for services. Other factors such as quality and in particularly for diving, safety, are more important.

At Divewerkz we place highest emphasis on:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Personalization (small groups)
  • Making your course/trip fun

Guaranteed. Everyone one of us has heard horrid stories of how divers are trained. Some learn from a military-style instructors, others attend large classes with little student-instructor interaction. Even worse, some only receive partial training.

At Divewerkz none of these happen. Since 2003 our team offers personalized and small ratio classes with maximum 4 students (PADI allows up to 10) to cater to individual students’ needs. Learning is customised and paced according to the student’s ability. Similarly class schedules are tailored to your schedule (e.g. evenings or weekends, whenever it suits you best). Any trip will have no more than 8 divers.

Most important of all, diving is about learning skills in a FUN, SAFE and practical way. Many of our divers, whether students or leisure divers, have become friends. See for yourself what they say about diving with us. Diving with Divewerkz is simply FUN-tastic.

Jochen Siepmann – owner







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