Location: between Java and Lombok (Indonesia)

Short description: From shore dives to wrecks, pristine reefs or if you dive Bali at the right time of the year and are very lucky the mola mola (ocean sunfish), you can find a big variety of diving in Bali. Not to forget the rice paddies, temples and partying, of courseā€¦

Expected marine life: jacks, tuna, napoleon wrasses, angelfish, garden eels, surgeonfish and with a lot of luck a mola mola or two

Accomodation: Bali offers everything from simple guest houses to 5-star hotels

Best time of year to visit: Diving in Bali is good all year round, however if you want to have a chance to see the mola mola, go between July and September

Visibility: depends on the dive site and time of year, usually quite good

Currents: moderate, but can get strong in Nusa Penida

Read a more detailed description of the individual dive sites around Bali (26 kb)

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