Dive tips


The Divewerkz team would like to share some diving related tips that hopefully are useful and interesting to you. (Note:  the files are in pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat to be read).

Tips for equalizing (58 kb)

Tips for conserving air during a dive (37 kb)

Secrets of better buoyancy revealed – tips to be neutral (125 kb)

Considerations and tips when using dive computers (58 kb)

Decompression sickness explained (210 kb) and contributing risk factors (394 kb)

A shore entry can be more challenging than you might think – tips to master it (38 kb)

Emergency Assistance Plan for Aur/Dayang/Tioman/Singapore (11 kb)

Diving headache? Check for possible reasons and tips to avoid it (103 kb)

Dont’ forget to pack anything again – use this packing checklist (29 kb)

Women in diving – about pregnancy, menstruation etc. (62 kb)

Did you know why the diving flags are red/white and blue/white?

Get diving related medical information and ask questions online