Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is diving safe?
A: Actually scuba diving is one of the safest sports. That is because Divewerkz and other training operators place much emphasis on safety training and a majority of the exercises you will for example learn in the Open Water course are safety related. As long as you stick to the rules and what you have learnt you will be safe.

Q: Can I dive without any certification?
A: Without certification you can only dive together with and under the direct supervision of a scuba dive instructor in a “Discover Scuba” trial dive. Otherwise you need to obtain your certification in order to ensure you have done all the safety-related and other required exercises satisfactorily.

Q: Why do you only take small groups?
A: Because it is much for fun and safe for everybody. Just imagine doing the course with 9 other students, which means 90% of the time you will just be waiting and watching others doing their exercises.

Q: Can I schedule my own dive trip?
Yes, we do offer customized itineraries on top of our standard trips as well. Just ask us please

Q: What are my payment options?
A: You can pay by cash, personal cheque, direct account transfer or PayPal.