Layang Layang


Location: in the South China Sea, north of Borneo (Kota Kinabalu/Brunei)

Short description: A small atoll rising 2,000m from the bottom of the sea in the ‘middle of nowhere’, Layang Layang is undoubtedly one of the premier dive sites in Asia. Diving in Layang Layang offers an abundance of everything you can possibly imagine. The biggest attraction apart from the pristine reefs are the scalloped hammerheads visiting usually between March to May.

Expected marine life: Trevally, lionfish, sweetlips and of course pelagics, pelagics, pelagics (sharks, hammerheads, manta rays, eagle rays etc.)!

Accomodation: To dive Layang Layang you have to stay at their island resort, the only resort on the island

Best time of year to visit: Diving in Layang Layang is only possible from March to October (and for a chance to see the hammerheads visit March to May)

Visibility: Excellent (20-50m)

Currents: Usually mild, but can get quite strong at times

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