Manado / Lembeh Straits

Location: Manado is located on the North-Eastern tip of Sulawesi (Indonesia)

Short description: If you like wall dives, diving in Manado is perfect for you! Diving in Bunaken (off Manado) offers a big variety of dive sites, most of which are along steep, pristine walls, from deep to shallow and hence are suitable for experienced divers as well as beginners. Nearby Lembeh Straits is the site to spot most unusual critters.

Expected marine life: Lots of pyramid butterflyfish, nudibranches, napoleon wrasse, surgeonfish, triggerfish, occasionally sharks and manta or eagle rays. At Lembeh Straits ghostpipefish, mandarinfish, pygmy seahorses, leaffish etc.

Accomodation: To dive Manado you can stay in one of the many resorst just outside town

Best time of year to visit: Diving in Manado is good all year round

Visibility: Mostly good (15-25m)

Currents: usually mild

Read a more detailed description of the individual dive sites in Manado and Lembeh Straits (132 kb)

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