Extending your bottom time: be an Enriched Air (“Nitrox”) Diver

Did it ever happen to you that you would have loved to stay down at that wreck or magnificent reef with the manta rays a lot longer, but your dive computer or tables did not allow you to? Or been itiching to get down there as soon as possible again for the next dive? Then you are a good candidate for the PADI Enriched Air Diver (“Nitrox”) course.

Commonly called “Nitrox” (as it is a mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen – but mind you, normal air is just that, too, only in different percentages), Enriched Air tanks contain a higher content of oxygen than normal air, typically either 32% or 36% oxygen (but may be up to max. 40%). The increased oxygen load has the has the following advantages:

  • extends your bottom time (longer No Decompression Limits)
  • allows shorter surface intervals
  • you will feel less tired after the dives

The scientifc reason for this is simply that your body absorbs less nitrogen at the same depth when breathing Enriched Air compared to breathing normal air due to the higher oxygen content. Therefore also special “Nitrox” dive tables are required that take this into consideration. How to use those “Nitrox” dive tables, what are the special procedures when diving with Enriched Air (e.g. testing the oxygen contents percentage in your special “Nitrox” tank before each dive) are the main learning objectives of this speciality course. Today also almost all dive computer models support “Nitrox” and you can set the percentage of oxygen you are diving with.

You will also be doing two fun dives with Enriched Air tanks before receiving your PADI certfication. As with all other PADI certifications, the Enriched Air Diver card that you will get, will enable you to dive with “Nitrox” tanks in any dive center or liveaboard world-wide that offers it. To be able to benefit from all these advantages contact Divewerkz today.