PADI courses


Divewerkz offers you a range of personalized PADI scuba dive courses as well as specialty courses. PADI is the largest dive certification agency, certifying about 85% of all scuba divers per year. So there is something for everybody at every level to start or further continue your dive education.

The PADI Open Water course is your entry ticket to the underwater world. Here you will learn all the basic skills for diving and safety. Like any certification, your PADI Open Water certification is accepted in every dive centre in the world and enables you to go diving (together with a buddy) anywhere and any time.

After you have gained some practice and more comfortable with your buoyancy and other dive skills, it’s time to make the next step and become a PADI Advanced Diver. This will enable you to go to depth beyond 18 meters and teach you how to dive in different environments and conditions like e.g. with currents or at night.

The next step is the PADI Rescue Diver course. In this fun and challenging program you will learn how to help yourself and others in emergencies, the importantce of accident prevention and First Aid. Many parts of this course are not only useful in diving, but also in every-day-life.

At any certification level you may also want to consider doing the PADI Enriched Air (aka “Nitrox”) course, which enables you to do longer dives and shorter surface intervals.

What distinguishes us from many other dive operators is HOW personalised we conduct these programmes. As a dive course is a service and not a standard product, not every course is the same. To find out more please read the “About us” section or testimonials from our students.

You are a certified diver already? Then come with us on a dive trip to an exciting destination of your choice. So give yourself the chance to get wet and say hello to the fishes - contact Divewerkz today.