What our previous dive students have to say:


After many years being inactive in scuba diving, I met Jochen here in Singapore and I soon restarted my diving here in Asia. A few dives later, I felt the need to do more. Now, a few months later, Jochen trained me for Advanced Diver and last weekend I finished the Rescue Diver. Many thanks to Jochen and Hazel. The Rescue Diver course last weekend in Tioman was great and very intense regarding the learnings. Hazel assisted excellent by playing the victim and getting me into almost ‘real’ water exercises.A big thank you from my side for all I could learn and for the excellent instructions given by the Divewerkz team! I can recommend the Divewerkz team for courses and also for leisure diving. It’s always fun and well organized.
(Enno Bandixen, banker and pilot, on his Advanced and Rescue Diver courses)

The Rescue Diver Course is fun, exhausting, challenging but really rewarding ! All of this in particular if you have a dive instructor like Jochen, who makes sure that the skills training and the rescue scenarios are as real as possible (without harming anyone; no fish or diver was hurt in the process !). We had a great time over the last couple of weeks, where we split the various elements of the course. First we went through the theory, books, videos and test in Singapore. Then we had a full day pool session – training all the rescue diver skills in the pool under a more controlled environment. The highlight was last weekend, where we went to Pulau Tioman for the real deal. We went through all the rescue diver skills again during our regular dives, so that at some time I had to ‘rescue’ my buddy and at other times played the ‘victim’. It is quite different doing the same in the open sea instead of the pool – at times under pretty challenging conditions with choppy sea, surface surge and currents. But this is how you learn for the reality …. At the end of the trip we had to perform the entire skills set in one go from finding a missing diver, emergency rescue him, to dragging him back to the boat, transferring him back onto the boat, providing emergency first aid and care, managing the entire rescue operation with the boat crew, etc. We also did an emergency shore exit in the sand …. after that you really now what a ‘sandy bottom’ means !!!
All in all it was a great experience and I can highly recommend the Rescue Diver course to anyAdvanced Diver. It teaches you a lot of very useful skills – mostly focussing on actually identifying problems early so that you can avoid any emergency situation long before it actually happens. As always – diving with Divewerkz is always good fun and enjoyable; whether for leisure dives ore training courses. Let’s get wet again soon !

(Achim Ringel, banker, on his Rescue Diver Course)

ChristianI did my rescue diver license at Divewerkz. My dive instructor was Jochen Siepmann. I did hear before that he is a quite challenging instructor and have to agree that this proofed right. But I did like that he took it serious. He led us through all the relevant theory to get prepared for the written test. The pool exercises were quite a lot and he guided us through this in a very professional manner. Important was that we never lost the fun in it, though it was a bit challenging. The final exercises in the ocean were a combination between regular dives and ‘rescue diver’ related exercises. Jochen did encourage us to exercise until we really were able to fulfil the tasks to our own and his satisfaction. We both (we were two students) did pass the exam and qualified for the rescue diver license. It was a piece of work, but not too short of fun. So over all I have to say that he is a great dive instructor.
(Christian Fleischer, banker, on his Rescue Diver course)

Soo HuiI would like to thank Jochen and Divewerkz for introducing me to SCUBA diving. Jochen had been a very patient n accomodating intructor despite the many challenges (e.g. tight schedules) during the course. Thank you, once again, for helping me achieve my passport to the underwater world! Keep up the good Divewerkz! Able to go through the Open Water course.
(Tan Soo Hui, nurse, on her Open Water course)

AndreasI really enjoyed the course, even “dry” theory was very interesting and presented in an entertaining way. The final trip to Tioman was an absolute event and I see myself prepared very well for all diving adventures to come. I will definitely do my Advanced couse with Divewerkz in a short while.
(Andreas Kuehnle, banker, on his Open Water course)
Advanced is just deeper, darker, better…I can only recommend to do the Advanced Diver’s Course with Divewerkz. The course itself is good fun and makes you a complete diver and it was a perfect follow-up for my Open Water Course that I also did with Divewerkz. Be part of the community!
(Andreas on his Advanced course)
And again it was a great experience; after completing Open Water-, Advanced- and finally the Rescue Diver Course, I think I got a very complete package and the courses tied in very nicely. I would recommend to everybody to go through all three of them with Divewerkz since they are giving you a complete skill-set that prepares you for all situations and enables you to enjoy your dives even at difficult dive sites.
(Andreas on his Rescue Diver course)

FinnyI have enjoyed every step of the course as it has armed me with confidence on going underwater and how to handle emergency situations. Jochen has an in depth knowledge and experience.The very small size of the class enabled us to learn and ask questions direct from Jochen “live” and allow us to do all the exercise with direct supervision.  Thanks to Jochen for giving me the portal access to the 3 dimensional world of underwater through his PADI course. My advice for the first time diver is to learn all the skills right from the beginning and it’s gonna be a skill that you keep for life. For all those looking for a good, comprehensive, and fun diving experience, this is it! Enjoy!
(Finny Megasari, consultant, on her Open Water course)

AdrianI have been snorkeling in the shallow waters close to the beach for years. At the same time I enviably glanced over to the boats leaving the shore, full of divers happily looking forward to great adventures in the open sea. I always wanted to go further offshore but I always knew that in order to make it on that boat, to be among the open water divers, I had to qualify first. Those feelings were typical during beach holidays, but every time I wanted to push myself and approached local diving schools, I saw big groups practicing in hotel swimming pools and having hours of supposedly dry theory lessons in the conference rooms while the sun was shining outside. The trade-off was simply too big and very quickly I was drowning my diving dreams with yet another Pina Colada… Why should I waste my time with a big, anonymous group, with lots of waiting time and low personal attention? In total contrast to my previous experiences, Jochen made it sound much different. I very much liked his concept of a small group and having fun during the lessons without loosing sight of safety and competent teaching. As the group was small, only two people to be precise, the theory learning was very interactive. The pool training was done very efficiently during one Sunday and than I was ready for the open water. The Island of Tioman was calling to test the real thing… Everything from the bus drive to the ferry to the accommodation was organized by Jochen – it was clear he must have done this trip a few times before since everything went perfectly well. I guess everyone must feel the same, when you swim into the open water, packed with tank, bcd, mask, snorkel and wrapped in a wetsuit, thank you for having fins! Never was I swimming so far out, not even during my glorious days as a snorkeler. I didn’t enjoy the first dive at all, but I can still hear Jochens words “everything is difficult the first time, the trick is not to quit the first time”. And indeed, the second dive felt much better and by ending the fourth, I knew why people can really get hooked by this sport. Thank you Jochen to have helped me to make it to the boat.
(Adrian Mazenauer, Relationship Manager, on his Open Water course)

Ying ShiReally awesome!  Able to go through the Open Water course and be a qualified Open Water diver is quite a big achievement for me as I have a phobia of going into the deep waters due to some bad childhood experience. But Jochen and Hazel really made it so comfortable and easy for me, that I felt confident and relaxed in the water.  It’s a really wonderful feeling to be in the water, with the fishes and corals and many other marine life, and all you can hear is the bubbles you are blowing from the regulator and the occasional dive boats zooming past above you. Words can’t really describe the world in the big blue sea unless you actually go diving and experience it for yourself. I’ll definitely take advanced course with Jochen and Hazel next time, ‘cos they really make me feel safe and secured.
(Tan Ying Shi, purchasing executive, on her Open Water course)

JoshuaI think the course structure was great. Starting off with providing text and videos for the theory part of the course which was easy to absorb. The theory lessons were precise and catered to answering any doubts we had from the text. The pool session gave a good introduction to SCUBA and was very enjoyable. Jochen was interesting and made the session concise and easy to understand. The highlight of the course was of course the dive trip to Pulau Tioman. The choice of dive resort was good as the service provided there was excellent, not to mention to the delicious food. I guess what really made the trip so fantastic was the small group size. This gave the students a chance to practise the exercises learnt quickly and have more time to dive around and check out the sights. This is definitely a plus point over courses that have larger groups. I would recommend Divewerkz’s Open Water course to all who which to have loads of fun while they learn diving as well as those who are concerned about safety – with a student : instructor ratio of 3:1, the instructor can pay alot more attention to you and any problems that may arise.
(Joshua Chong, NS-man, on his Open Water course)

AnnetteI shopped like a madwoman for just the right dive instructors. I didn’t want to make the same mistake I did before.  I took an Open Water course years ago with a large student-to- teacher ratio and never felt comfortable with what I was taught – so much time was spent waiting for others to go through their exercises.  That’s more than 75% of class time in which I could have been learning and practicing important skills!  As a result, the few number of dives I did afterward were stressfull and scary because I was never confident. Fast-forward years later (don’t want to say how many), I decided to try diving again.  I wanted to find the perfect teachers without breaking the bank account.  First, I researched like crazy to find out which certification…PADI?  NAUI?  BSAC? After loads of research I concluded it’s the quality of the teacher and class size more than the certification agency.  So then I researched like crazy to find the best dive center for the value – and found Divewerkz. Thank you!
(Annette Jannotta, interior designer, on her Open Water and Advanced courses)

HaruhitoIt was quite a tough course but the best course I have ever taken. This course definitely offers most important things to know for any diver! It is not only about how to rescue someone but in order for you to rescue another person, you also need to learn and understand your own body & capability first!! The course itself had 3 different parts: First we had first aid course & theory classes in one go during a whole day session on a Saturday. Second part was the practice pool session on Sunday where we went through all the exercises mentioned during the theory session. It was quite important that we had a whole day to practice in the pool. The final part was the actual dive trip to Malaysia where we practised various ‘real’ case scenarios!! It was fun but also a course where you learnt a lot!! I would recommend every diver to consider this course! Of course Divewerkz’ instructors were the key to make this whole course a fun & great experience!
(Haruhito Imakoji, banker, on his Rescue Diver course)

JoeyOn behalf of Juliana and myself, we will love to thank you for the wonderful experience over in Tioman over the weekend. It was fun filled and the customisations made the refresher and advanced open watercourse a whole lot more interesting for us both respectively. Thank you for accomodating our schedules and personal preferences and for the extra care and consideration you awarded us throughout those couple of days. We can hardly wait till our next dive with you guys.
(Joey Koh, Elektronic Banking specialist, on his Advanced course)


Gene_weilingIt was by sheer chance that Weiling and I took up our diving course with Hazel and Jochen, and we were really glad with our choice. Given the fact that we were both first-timers, and we had not even attempt snorkelling before, we were feeling a bit jittery about the whole thing. But Hazel’s and Jochen’s warm personality soon put us at ease and the theory lessons provided us with the foundation towards new explorations. Hazel do provide sound advises when we purchased our gear, and theory lessons continued beyond classroom setting as she patiently explains the functions and the various types of some of the common diving gear to us at the dive shops.
Oh, and one more thing. With Hazel and Jochen, there is no such thing as course completion within a given time frame because extra time is spent to impart every essential skills across to us and they made sure that we were comfortable with what we are doing before moving on.
The trip to Tioman was really great, as we met new friends and there were plenty of laughter. It rounds up the whole first-time diving experience for the both of us, and we are looking forward to more dive trips with them.
(Gene Tan and Ng Wei Ling on their Open Water course)

JohnWei Guang and I enjoyed our scuba diving course immensely. I personally felt that we were in good hands right from the start. The theory lessons seemed so simple after you explained everything to us. Practical lessons were fun, even in the pool! Demonstrations were clearly given, so it was easy when we were carrying out the exercises. And because there were only the two of us taking the course, we could go at out own pace, ensuring that we fully understood what we needed to do before we moved on to the next exercise. I was initially a little afraid that I would not be able to equalise properly or ascend too quickly before the first open water dive. But after that dive, I realised that I did not have to worry as I had been well taught and knew exactly what to do, like equalising before I feel any discomfort in my ears. Thanks for making our first scuba diving experience such an enjoyable one.
(John Foo, student, about his Open Water course)

YanaI would like to use this opportunity to thank you for studying with you. It was so nice and interesting and I am even still cannot believe that I have passed all exams and will get my next certificate Advanced Open Water Diver in a few days. My previous course, when I studied with another guys, was so bored. I have realized only after few days, that instructor was not interesting in dive actually, but he was interested in money. This attitude made course too much formal without jokes, some funny stories, which are happening with you during dives and as consequence without pleasure. Compare to your club it is absolutely different. I think that Jochen and Hazel not only good dive instructors, they are also very nice couple, and both of them are crazy about diving. I like Jochenxs German accuracy and Hazel’s cheerfulness. I like that none of you do not command us what we have to do, but somehow manage to operate as and educate as too. I just enjoyed that course very much. I am certainly will recommend you to all my friends as a best dive club in Singapore.
(Yana Antipova, housewife, on her Advanced course)

VeronThanks for Jochen’s patience, if I not I might never be able to enjoy the fascination that’s in the underwater world.  Looking foward to my next dive and taking the advanced diver’s license in the near future.
(Veron Lai, bank officer, on her Open Water course)
Diving just get better as I go along.  I just passed my Advanced Diving Course under Hazel and Jochen.  Never thought i could go this far without encouragement and dedication from the instructors.  The deep dive at Sawadee, drift dive at Labas was great.  Looking forward to my next dive trip with Divewerkz.
(Veron on her Advanced course)

EmilyScuba certification has been one of the things on my personal “to do list.”  Being in Hong Kong, I never had the time.  However, since being temporarily stationed in Singapore, I relented knowing so many amazing dive sites are in this area.  A friend recommended Hazel and Jochen. People say when learning new things, a good teacher is everything. Hazel and Jochen are everything and more! Patient, relaxed, down to earth, fun and keen on showing the students a good time while emphasizing good technique and safety.  Hazel and Jochen made me feel comfortable and helped me develop confidence in my diving abilities. I know I will know how to do mask clearing into eternity!!  I am hooked and look forward to more dives and courses with them!
(Emily Tein, supply chain management director, on her Open Water course)

JulianaPADI Enriched Air Diver – the course sounds daunting at first. But, actually, the concepts are quite easy to grasp and understand. After all, as Jochen reminded me at the beginning of the course, we breathe Nitrox every day. [Note: Nitrox is the abbreviation for a Nitrogen and Oxygen mix, which normal air is, too]
(Juliana Tjandra, business-woman, on her Nitrox course)


JuergenI can highly recommend the individual lessons given by Hazel, as well as Tioman for a beginners diving location. It is a great place to enjoy your first open water dives. After finalising the course and spending another day with my first 2 leisure dives, I’ve already seen one of the most exiting animals: a sleeping giant shark. However, there is much more to be seen under water and it is also the very tiny, small animals, that makes diving an adventure.
(Juergen Scheer, Client Manager, on his Open Water course)


KhailinWith Hazel, I got acquainted with the sea, be friends with the underwater creatures and finally I think I am in love with the oceanic world. It’s truly an addiction that I don’t want to be cured. Thanks my Hazel One
(Chuah Khai Lin, copywriter, on her Open Water course)



KynnethHazel is a friend rather than an instructor when she teaches me. She strongly believe i can be a diver despite of my medical history, she does not give up on students that have diffculties, she is also very approachable and concern about my progress. Learn diving with her is a fun and happening experience. Thanks Hazel.  Dive Wannabies what are you waiting for?  Kynneth
(Kynneth Chang, student, on his Open Water course)
Been very blessed to have Jochen and Hazel as my instructor…. would like to thank them for my Advanced Open Water Course… I had a lot of serious fun and enjoyment during the Course at Pulau Tioman… Throughout the whole course… they taught me a lot of things and i felt very safe, relaxed and motivated during the training… they even overlooked my weakness and assist me to overcome my weakness and i made improvment in my weak areas… well learning from them is indeed a meomorable experience… once again thanks to Jochen and Hazel
(Kynneth on his Advanced course)

MaxHazel is a dedicated instructor – she is willing to coach even on a 1to1 basis and spend time with her students. i really appreciate her emphasis on developing good safety habits. Still Hazel is unconventional- unlike many instructors, she believes that light interaction with marine life can enhance ones personal experience. So i manage to have some responsible interaction with a sea turtle and anemone in my first dive- an unforgetable experience. Thanks Hazel.
(Max Wong, banker, on his Open Water course)

VeronicaMy husband Kian Peng and me have always wanted to pick up scuba diving sport. However, we have some fear on going under water, especially in a total unfamiliar environment. Choosing to learn open water scuba diving with Hazel was definitely the right choice we have made. Hazel was very patient with the slow learner and she would ensure that we pick up the right skills through practising. The “teaching environment” for the theory was cozy and relaxing, unlike typical classroom session. The small group session also gave us more opportunities to interact and practise the skills. It was definitely a great and fun experience to explore the beauty and amazing underwater world. Guess what? We are beginning to miss the marine life in the underwater world and we just can’t wait to go for another dive…
(Veronica Tan, teacher, on her and her husband’s Open Water course)

KeithMy decision to undertake the open water training was due to an overwhelming curiosity rather than a genuine interest in the sport as most of my other friends had made it seem as if I was missing out on “the next big thing”.
There were many fears within e.g. the water pressure on the ears, claustrophobia, and of course going through the final exam. However as I was lucky enough to discover Divewerkz all inhibitions associated with diving was overcome with ease due to the instructor’s vast diving experience. As the group was small, it allowed for more personalised tutorials with more of a 2 way dialogue rather than a student teacher environment. The pace could also be tailor made to suit the individual with Hazel paying special attention the weaknesses of each student.
When it was time for my open water. The initial feeling of claustrophobia was quickly overcome when you realise how well the dive was organised having 2 teachers looking after the 3 students. They made sure we were competent in our basics and checked our status constantly while underwater, which gave us more dive time than we would have otherwise had if they had been the normal 10 to the group. The first diving experience did turn out to be exactly the opposite of my initial claustrophobic thought. Once you’re competent with the buoyancy it’s a very free feeling similar to flying, enabling you go and see virtually anything within the area. It’s also a very sociable sport, which gives you a chance to meet people from different walks of life. On the whole, there are probably very few other experiences that are more fulfilling than diving, which opens a window to enable one to gaze unobtrusively at the aquatic life below.
(Keith Loh, banker, on his Open Water course)

YusriReborn into the world…. Underwater world…”
With Hazel I acquire a passport. A passport which allows me to discover the underwater like a newborn. Be like a child learning to walk and mummy Hazel will guide you through your first few steps…. Thanks Hazel
(A.J. Yusri, sales executive, on his Open Water course)


XiongxiongBefore  taking up classes with Hazel, the only reason I was interested in diving is  beauty — beautiful beaches, beautiful fishes and above all, beautiful people.  Hazel did much more than confirming my perception of diving; she also  taught me how to appreciate the beauties. She patiently taught me that, in order  to enjoy the beauties, you have to have strong foundations and understanding of  diving techniques. So she spent a lot of times (and I mean A LOT!) shaping  up my diving skills. Her knowledge of diving is second to none. Now when I walk  down the beautiful beach with the beautiful girl, I’m able  to tell her by names the beautiful fishes I have seen, instead of  “Yeah, saw lots of beautiful fishes, big fishes, small fishes, fat fishes and  skinny fishes.”
(Xiong Xiong, associate, on his Open Water course)

Kokhonghi..my name is yomaan..hazel taught me how to dive…and how not to drink and dive…she is good because she doesn’t just say say only, she demonstrates. like what happen when you drink and dive..i tell you, she will gladly demonstrate this particular skill to you even if you don’t ask…she calls it the Hazy Specialty Skill..other instructors/instructress don’t have one.
(Phua Kok Hong, copywriter, on his Open Water course)

If you are wondering whether you should start diving or not, JUST DO IT! If you are wondering which dive centers to take the PADI open water course, JUST GO TO DIVEWERKZ.
I know it is difficult for some Singaporeans to accept the fact that you get what you pay for and that there aren’t really good and cheap deals out there.  You pay $199 for an open water course and then you get lousy instructors and courses.  You pay premium, and you get premium instructors, courses and skills. Hazel and Jochen are really good instructors as a team.  Dynamic teaching from Hazel and detailed and precise teaching from Jochen.  It is like learning how to dive from a dolphin (Hazel) and whale (Jochen).  We took the PADI Open Water and Advanced classes from them. Now we feel very confident and comfortable diving and continue to dive at least once a month.  Thanks Divewerkz for helping me to experience something so amazing, beautiful and exciting!
(Masatoshi Kasai, architect, on his Open Water and Advanced courses)

The theory lessons were conducted at  a comfortable pace. Practical lessons are conducted in small groups so there is lots of individual attention with an emphasis on getting the  fundamentals right. Hazel is a very experienced dive instructor who puts one at ease immediately.
(J. John, lawyer, on his Open Water course)